Craft Your Creative Online Course

Everything you need to confidently build your awesome creative online course

Build a more sustainable and profitable creative business by joining the lucrative world of e-learning. Start today by developing a complete roadmap for creating your own online course!

Inside Craft Your Creative Online Course you will...

  1. Begin the exciting process of adding a valuable income stream to your creative business
  2. Narrow in on exactly what you’ll be teaching and how you’ll share your craft with others
  3. Gain confidence in your idea as you develop your course outline and structure.
  4. Map out exactly how you’ll delivery your course and what materials you’ll include for an enriching learning experience
  5. Envision the impact of regular cash flow to your business by setting the perfect price for your course

Course Resources

Included in this free workshop are the replays from the Live Q&A’s that should help answer some questions about getting started with course creation.

Connect with others inside the course community


All learners on Brioka have access to an exclusive group right here on Brioka. Connect with others who are taking the course, ask questions, get feedback, and share your projects!


When I first thought about creating a course, I was excited. And then anxiety set in, knowing there was so much I needed to learn. These workshop tutorials took that anxiety away. They are informative, hands-on helpful and extremely encouraging. They made creating my course so much smoother and really, much more fun; they brought the excitement back into the process. Thank you so much!”

- Barbara

The idea of writing a course was at the end of last year on my "to do" list of resolutions for this year. I had no idea what it meant to write a course. I didn't have a clue where and how to start it. Thanks to the Brioka team, I learned the steps to follow, I understood how to structure the course and then put all my knowledge in a logical sequence, easy to follow. Thank you, Brioka!”

- Laura

A huge thank you to Brioka!! This is an amazing course that takes you from dreaming of creating your online course to actually getting it done. The steps are clearly presented and so easy to understand. The team is there to help when you need it! If you are thinking of creating a course for your audience....Brioka offers you exactly what you need. Plus they are awesome people to work with!!”

- Leslie

When I thought about doing an online course I was so overwhelmed that I never took a step. When I saw Brioka on Facebook and their offering of a free course I knew that I was guided to click on it. The course has been a journey for me but both Amy and Jeff are excellent teachers as well as gentle supporters in my own goal in becoming an online teacher. I would highly recommend them and this amazing course!”

- Joy

Creating a course was something I only dreamt of doing because I was totally overwhelmed at the thought of having to figure everything out on my own. Then along came Brioka and suddenly I had a clear step by step plan of what to do plus amazing support from the Brioka team AND all the technical stuff magically sorted out for me! It could not have been easier so thank you Brioka!”

- Kat

Brioka to the rescue! Having all these ideas on creating online courses and workshops, but NO IDEA how and where to start. When I signed up for the Craft Your Creative Online Course workshop, I expected to walk away with guidelines on how to structure and do an online course. Wow, this course blew my expectations away. Not only does the Brioka Team, Jeff and Amy, provide the guidelines, but they walk you through step by step, from gathering thoughts and course topics to pricing, organization and submitting your course. Thank you, Brioka; I could not have done my online course without you.”

- Esme

I’ve been wanting to make a course for a long time, but never knew where to start. Along came Brioka at just the right time! They took the time to walk you through the steps from getting the idea, to outlining, and actually creating the course. I am so grateful for Brioka for getting in the trenches with me to flesh out the idea, giving me options for developing, and giving me feedback on my course modules so that I could finally create a full course I’m proud of!”

- Jennifer

A big, big thank you to Amy and Jeff for developing Brioka and all the support they have provided to us course creators for making our dreams of getting our courses out of our heads and onto a platform to make them accessible to benefit others a reality. I am so, so grateful to be a part of Brioka - thanks Amy & Jeff!"

- Sina

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